Scarification Treatment

Over time, lawns build up a layer of thatch – a layer of slowly decomposing grass, dead organic matter, dead roots & debris. It prevents water & fertilizers from reaching the soil. Thatch is only a problem when it becomes too thick – anything over ½ inch thick is detrimental to the lawn.

Insects& disease find this thatch layer a suitable place to live! As the thickness of the thatch can vary in lawns, lawn mowers are more likely to cut the lawn unevenly, causing scalping.

The most effective way to remove this thatch layer is with the use of a mechanical scarifyer. It should not be confused with lawn raking using either a spring tine rake or an electric machine with hook line tines.

Rakes and domestic machines are relatively good at removing dead moss. However, they have little or no effect on surface thatch, the cause of the moss.

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