Lawn Diseases & Problems

Red Thread
What is red thread? Red thread normally a problem on lawns after a long hot dry summer. It may appear in the autumn months as a bleached out rigid grass with a small red or pinky colours. Red thread usually attacks lawns that are rarely fed and therefore to avoid this troublesome disease we’d recommend contacting us for a lawn treatment program to give your lawn the care and attention it needs to avoid this type of problem. After treating the red thread will spear like a straw like grass which is removed by mowing the lawn. Lancashire Lawncare provides a quarterly application of lawn fertiliser to keep your lawn well nourished and this in turn boosts the strength of your lawn to fight off diseases such as red thread. Call us today to book your free lawn analysis.

Dog Urine
A further problem to your lawn could well be that “man’s best friend” is using the lawn as a toilet. Although not technically a pest, the urine from a female dog will cause the grass to turn brown in small circular patches. Why does this happen? Well, In effect the urine scorches the lawn much the same as applying too much fertiliser to an area of grass in very dry conditions. The urine should be heavily watered to try and dilute it. Other than that it might be best to keep your dog off the lawn as much as you can.

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