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Everybody loves a healthy looking lawn. An expanse of well cared for grass sets the perfect scene for the rest of the garden. Lancashire Lawncare is a lawn care treatment company who operate exclusively in the North West. Based in Preston, Lancashire Lawncare has been providing lawn care services throughout Lancashire for over 12 years now. Our well established customer base gives evidence of the care and commitment we show in keeping your lawns in tip top condition.

We are a family run lawn care business who are able to provide a professional and yet personal service with consistency and quality. We have the qualifications and experience to deal with any lawn care problem, be it moss, leatherjackets, chafer grubs or scorch.

Our Lancashire Lawncare professionals are lawn specialists trained in numerous application techniques designed to optimise the health and beauty of your lawn. We offer basic treatments including a regular lawn weed and feed which consists of a lawn fertilizer to feed and encourage the growth of your lawn, improve strength and appearance and also a selective herbicide which is used to get rid of all those troublesome weeds which spoil the appearance of your garden. The quarterly applications of lawn treatments can be carried out by our lawn technicians at less than the cost of treating it yourself.

Other services on offer are scarification, hollow-tine aeration, moss and pest control. These services if carried out regularly will keep your lawn looking in great shape all year round. We strongly recommend that you utilise our free lawn analysis programmes where our lawn care experts can design a treatment plan to keep your lawn looking healthy and green.
We at Lancashire Lawncare aim to keep your lawn looking its finest, all year round.

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